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    2019 Visions: 2020 Clarity

    “I will go to that show one day” Hello Friend! Welcome to the official site of The Rooted Phoenix! We are nearly five months in and what a whirlwind of an adventure it’s been! We’ve been to Arkansas to mine our own stones and now we are heading to Arizona in less than two weeks. I remember this time last year, (almost to the day) waiting on a citrine sphere to arrive in the mail! I was seeing all of the posts from the people and businesses I admire talking about how they were gearing up for the Tucson Gem & Mineral show in Arizona…it’s JUST THE LARGEST GEMSTONE &…

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    Welcome to The Rooted Phoenix We are in the process of getting the shop together and opened! The Rooted Phoenix is an idea and place where organic products meet healthy and holistic alternatives to better serve your mind, body, and soul. As we finish setting up our shop, please follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates! #staygroundedriseabove #therootedphoenixrocks